Choosing the Right Protective Coating for Your Industrial Concrete Floor

The concrete floor in your industrial facility is not like the concrete floor of your home's garage, in that you probably don't expose your home's garage to as many chemicals and solvents as you would in a warehouse or manufacturing plant. Concrete is very durable but it's not indestructible, which is why it's good to ensure it's always coated or sealed with the rightprotective coating. Note a few options you might use for your facility's concrete floor so you know your building is always in good shape and the floors are properly protected. [Read More]

Pros of Powder Coating over Traditional Painting

One of the easiest ways to enhance the kerb appeal of your residence would be by incorporating colour. A pop of colour on fencing, railings and more will make them look new. Painting has been the conventional way of doing this, as it is readily available. However, over the years, more and more people are opting for electrostatic powder coating due to the assortment of benefits that this process offers over painting. [Read More]

4 Simple Tips and Tricks for Buying a Laser Engraver

Laser cutters have become popular due to their ability to produce aesthetically pleasing and functional items with high precision. Acquiring a laser cutter means that you can easily design and produce several parts such as jewelry, window curtains, home fixtures, and ornaments on both small and large scale. The versatility of this tool ensures that it cuts and engraves various materials such as wood, acrylic, or canvas. Here are some quick tips to bear in mind when buying a laser cutter. [Read More]

Why CNC Machining May Be Better Than 3D Printing

3D printing (additive manufacturing) refers to the fabrication of a component by adding successive layers of materials on a mould until the part is identical to a computer model. CNC machining (subtractive manufacturing) refers to the fabrication of a part by removing layers of material from an existing metal billet. A computer programme also controls subtractive machining. This article discusses why it may be better for you to specify that CNC machining should be used to make the equipment components that you need instead of using 3D printing. [Read More]