Pros of Powder Coating over Traditional Painting

One of the easiest ways to enhance the kerb appeal of your residence would be by incorporating colour. A pop of colour on fencing, railings and more will make them look new. Painting has been the conventional way of doing this, as it is readily available. However, over the years, more and more people are opting for electrostatic powder coating due to the assortment of benefits that this process offers over painting. Here are some of the different pros of powder coating over traditional painting.

Powder coating is a practical alternative to painting    

One little-known benefit of powder coating over painting is that powder coating is much more practical when it comes to avoiding wastage. With painting, any spills cannot be recovered and will simply have to be wiped away once the painting process is complete. Since paint is in liquid form, there will be a significant amount of wastage involved. Powder coating, conversely, uses powder. Therefore, any powder that sprinkles to the floor can easily be swept up and stored for future use.

In addition to this, in the event that there is extra powder, it can be used for a future project. This is not the same with paint, especially after it has been mixed with solvents. The excess paint that remains will typically be disposed of once the project is complete.

Powder coating is a durable alternative to painting

Although fresh paint will boost the aesthetics of your surfaces, it will not stay in the same condition forever. Time, coupled with exposure to sun, rain and other elements, will cause your exterior paint to start chipping, peeling and cracking. If this paint was applied on metallic surfaces in an attempt to protect them from corrosion, the peeling and chipping will expose these surfaces to moisture and this will inevitably lead to rusting. Powder coating offers you a much more durable alternative for various reasons.

Firstly, since the powder coating is electrostatically applied, it adheres to the various surfaces like a second skin. With this type of finish, it would be difficult to separate it from the surfaces it has been applied to. Secondly, powder coating is resistant to an array of factors. By being immune to ultraviolet rays, moisture and temperature changes, you can rest assured that your powder coated surfaces will not succumb to being exposed to these varying elements. Overall, electrostatic powder coating would can last a significantly longer time than traditional painting.