Helpful Tips for Inspecting and Repairing Toy Hauler Roofs

Some people who own older toy haulers may notice roof leaks on those trailers. Such people need to conduct a thorough inspection followed by the appropriate repairs before the damage becomes extensive. This article discusses some useful tips that will enable you to inspect and repair your vintage toy hauler's roof.

Get Plywood Sheets

It may be necessary for you to get onto the roof of your toy hauler in order to assess any damage that it may have sustained. Be conscious that the roof may be unable to take your weight as you walk on it. It is therefore advisable for you to get a plywood sheet to help you to distribute your weight over a larger surface area during the inspection or repair project. Position the plywood in such a way that it touches the edge framing of the roof. The frame usually has metallic pipes or bars that can support a person's weight.

Install Supports

Minor leaks in metal roofing can be fixed by placing a patch over the damaged area. However, you may also need to weld metal supports around the sections of the roof that carry the weight of rooftop air conditioning units and other accessories. These supports are important because the weight of those rooftop components can gradually weaken the roof until it sags and leaks. Make sure that the metal bars or beams that you install for this purpose are compatible with the metal from which the roof was made. This compatibility will avert galvanic corrosion that can deteriorate the toy hauler's roof rapidly.

Use Coated Nails

It is possible that you will notice some sections of the toy hauler roof showing signs of looseness. Those loose sections can be reattached to the support system by using nails. Nails can also be used to attach the patches referred to earlier. Don't use any nails you can find for this task. Select coated nails. Such nails will be less likely to corrode and allow moisture to leak into the toy hauler. Remember to seal the area around the nails using a sealant that can flex as the toy hauler is being towed from one place to another. Silicone sealants can do this job very well.

As you can see, many toy hauler roof problems can be fixed if you are good with basic maintenance tools. However, some toy haulers have roofs that are made from a combination of different materials. Such roofs are complex and require the involvement of a professional. It may therefore be advisable for you to contact a metal fabricator who has the experience of fixing toy haulers. That person will take all the necessary precautions, such as using scaffolding, in order to avoid exposing your toy hauler to additional damage during the repair process. For more information, contact companies like Absolute Metal Fabrications.