Home Solutions For Welder's Flash

Professional welders do not stare at the welding flame with naked eyes. They wear special goggles to protect their eyes against the bright light produced.  This is because they are aware of the harm that these lights can cause and so should you.  By looking directly at the flame, you might suffer from welder's flash, or a flash burn. It is a painful inflammation of the transparent layer that covers and protects the outer part of the eye, also known as cornea. So the next time you are at a welding shop, do not stare directly at the flame. But in case the condition gets to you, do not panic, as there are home treatments you may try and get your vision back to normal.

What Are The Symptoms Of Welder's Flash?

You know you are suffering from welder's flash if you start to experience some kind of blurred vision or watery eyes. You may also experience bloodshot and red eyes which point to an inflammation of the cornea. Other symptoms include pain in the eye and increased light sensitivity.

How Do You Treat Welder's Flash?

Immediate treatment of welder's flash is crucial. If left untreated, the condition may lead to a secondary infection of the cornea which may result in a loss of vision. The following tips explain how you can take care of welder's flash at home:

  • Treatment Using Tea Bags - First, you must boil the tea bags for a few minutes. Then place them in your refrigerator to cool down before you apply them on your eyes. In addition to soothing the area, tea bags aid in getting rid of the pain.  
  • Treatment Using Raw Potato - Raw potato possesses healing properties and can take care of the pain felt in the eyes. It reduces the itching and peeling of the skin and also helps in reducing the dryness that is usually accompanied by the condition.  Peel off the skin of a potato and cut the potato into slices. Then lie down and apply the slices over your eyes, one slice per eye.
  • Treatment Using Menthol Cream - Another way of taking care of the irritations caused by welder's flash is by using menthol cream. The cream works effectively when it is applied under the cheekbones. It penetrates from under your eyes, and it may cause your eyes to become watery for a short period of time. Avoid applying the cream around the eye area, as it will only cause more discomfort and irritation. You can buy menthol cream at your nearby local drug store.

It is important to avoid bright light like that of a TV when you are suffering from welder's flash because it will only aggravate the condition. Also, do not wash your eyes with after, as it may irritate the cornea.